9 Surprising Wedding Registry Hits

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For this week’s #weddingwednesday I polled my married friends for their favorite things they registered for. As someone who is going through the registry process, I feel like it has been easy to get wrapped up in the pretty things like flatware and dishes, when I need to be thinking about some more practical items. Below, straight from my friend’s mouths, are the items they shockingly love and the reasons why. I could’t finish the list without including my own favorite thing I registered for. Although I haven’t received it yet, I am confident it is going to drastically improve my quality of life!

( things you must register for, wedding registry must haves

 1. Go Pro Hero 4 – From a friend, “I knew we probably wouldn’t spend the $$ to buy one of these, but it’s so fun! We used it on the California trip & I can’t wait to see how it turned out. There are so many different accessories that we can add on to use it for different things”

2. OXO Storage Containers – “My husband laughs that I “decant” all of my pantry items into these, but food stays fresher, you know when you’re running low on stuff AND my pantry looks pretty!”

3. All-Clad Grill Pan – Could not agree more with this friend, “great for city dwellers who don’t have access to a backyard bbq and want to grill.”

4. Sonos speaker system – Not sure I have to explain the reasoning behind this, because portable wireless speakers for any room or deck in your house is a pretty obvious sell. We registered for them as well!

5. Misono UX10 Gyutou Knife – This Japanese knife was recommended by a friend who reads America’s Test Kitchen before purchasing any cooking tools. Instead of reading it yourself, let’s just take her word for it.

6. Luggage – A great idea for a couple who loves to travel. I would like to add that although this friend did not specify a specific brand of luggage, as the daughter of a flight attendant and a frequent traveler, I only recommend TravelPro. I have had my carryon TravelPro for 10 years and have never had a problem with a handle, strap, wheel anything- and they are durable and fit into every overhead bin.

7. Sleeping Bags from REI – Although not for everyone, if you are a hiker or a camper, high quality and warm (!) sleeping bags are a great investment that you will enjoy and value for years to come.

8. Mary Jurek Stainless Steel Bowls and Platters – This was a popular one: From one friend, ” looks like silver, but much easier to maintain and looks great on the table.” And from another, “I registered for a huge stainless steal bowl and ended up using it for mail on my entry console. haha oops.” And lastly, “it’s been nice having some pretty silver trays for chips & dips; it definitely elevates your average dinner party or Final Four viewing.”

9. Roomba – Ok, this is the item I am most excited about for my personal registry, and I hope it lives up to the 10-minute video demonstration that Mr. R and I watched on Amazon for it. I don’t know about you but my hair gets all over the house, and since it’s blond it’s impossible to see until you drop a sock or something and it’s covered in hair. Instead of constantly sweeping and vaccuming, this little baby is going to change my life and do the work for me. Only question is, what to name him?

What do you think? What were your most favorite things that you registered for? I would love to know, because there is still time for us to affect ours :)

#WeddingWednesday : 10 Kick-Ass Engagement Gifts

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Oh how I knew more about giving engagement gifts before I was a bride! There is something about being on the other side that makes you understand the value of a unique or customized gift. Not do tear down ‘his and hers’ robes or engraved champagne flutes, but once you start paying attention to all the options out there, you realized there are so many awesome alternatives. I have been fortunate to receive some of the items below which I love dearly, and am excited that I have an arsenal of fun presents (in varied price buckets!) to reach into should another loved on become engaged. Of course many of these could double as birthday, hostess or wedding gifts with a little creativity so hopefully you find a little inspiration for the next celebration.

Kick-Ass Engagement Gifts


1. Use Instagram Photos to create a custom photo memory game $ 2. Customize these bracelets of the coordinates of where she got engaged $$ 3. Vintage heirloom velvet ups the ante for these ring boxes $$ 4. Ensure her tips are always show-worthy $ 5. Embroider a silk blouse with her new last name $$$ 6. Embroider her new monogram on a pair of slippers $$ 7. A romantic book of poems for her man to read to her $ 8. Bling should be on all things- especially this clever mug $ 9. Use his handwriting to customize a pendant with her new last name $$ 10. A cozy daily reminder of their ever-lasting love $$


Navy & Yellow Bridal Shower

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This past weekend I had the pleasure to co-host a Bridal Shower for one of my best friends, Erin. The other host, Ashley, came up with a great idea for a paper crafts theme, since the Bride is known for making amazing handmade cards for all of her friends. We decided on a Navy and yellow color scheme, with pops of gold and silver metallics. Ashley did such an amazing job with the food; latin inspired- with cotija covered corn and steak with chimichurri sauce. My favorite was the appetizers of mini open-faced cuban sandwiches- they were easy to eat and so full of flavor! For the decorations we used ornately decorated paper for runners and to cover mason jars scattered throughout the patio. Guests were asked to bring the bride a small crafting tool or accessory, in order to make cards for Erin during the shower. On the back of the cards the guests were asked to write a short note or piece of marriage advice to Erin and her fiance. When the cards were finished, we strung them together with twine to make a tapestry that Erin can hang in her house as a keepsake of her special day.

What do you think?