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A Blogger Walks into a Bar…

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about their home bar- GlitterGuide did a feature on how to set up the perfect bar cart, the Glamourai discusses which glasses and stemware she prefers, and tons of other bloggers are weighing in on their aesthetics for home boozing. Coincidentally, this is something I’ve been working on for a while as well. The only thing is here- I have a boyfriend to consider. This cant be your small-gilded-cart on wheels that holds one bottle of SkinnyGirl Margarita and some martini glasses. This puppy has to fit the whole enchilada-we’re talking an ice bucket, wine decanter, double-old fashions, highballs, champagne flutes, condiment dishes, wine bottles, wine glasses-and not just any- a true wino separates their chards from their syrahs from their burgundys (the better to smell with my dear), not to mention the ALCOHOL. Which then, inlcudes all sorts of things I can’t wrap my head around drinking, like aged scotch and malt whiskys. Or is it malt scotch and aged whiskys? Whatever. The point is, I’ve got myself a man who likes to drink so my job is to make it pretty and make it fit. Needless to say, that means no bar carts here! It means I need a full on bar/cabinet/sideboard/buffet/chest to house all this, and still have enough money left to stock the damn thing.

Here’s what I’ve found so far. My first rule is that this bar must go with my new decor, which means it can be black, white or grey, and can have silver or gold accents. Not the most manly thing in the room, but I meannnnnn- thank god. Since I am not afraid of spray paint, I am looking at bars of all colors- so equal opportunity of me- and considering what they would look like with my handy-dandy spray job.

Cherry-finished wood from Overstock.com would have to be painted and the knobs would have to change to some over-the-top gilded ones

White fretwork and mirrors would be a DREAM, but I’m not sure about the size of these, since they aren’t really intended for use as a bar – from Home Decorators Collection

Another to-die-for Home Decorators Collection
find…. but again, this might be too small!

This one from Organize.com has everything we need, and I would just add some gold detailing to it to make it pop!

….which brings us to my mix-me-a-double-cosmo-on-the-rocks, drooling over my martini favorites, these 2 from ZGallerie. The sexy curved lines of the top sideboard with the art deco obelisk legs would be amazing for any area of a house, and somehow makes a statement while blending in. The latter bar blows me away with its metal fretwork and mirrored top that is -get this- ACTUALLY INTENDED FOR USE AS A BAR. I know. It’s unbelievable.

I will keep you updated on this epic saga as it continues- just wait until we have to buy the stemware!

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