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Thurs-DIY: 31 Hour Bag Inspired Ipad Bag

Today’s DIY is my own version of my current dream bag. The Philip Lim 31 Hour Bag is so streamlined and downtown chic, and I particularly am drawn to the reversible black/white version. So I figured, why don’t I try my own spin on it for an ipad case? I added longer straps so I could throw it over my shoulder, and I love how there is still room for my keys, wallet and notebook/misc purse items. See below for how I did it!


1. Newspaper (to protect your workspace!)

2. 17″ Neoprene Laptop Sleeve (I got mine here)

3. White fabric paint (mine is from here)

4. 1 to 1.5 yd Faux leather straps (can get from any local craft/fabric store) in black and white

5. Sponge brush

6. Scissors

7. Masking Tape (optional)

{This step is optional- if you have a steady hand, you can free-paint!}

{the neoprene will absorb some of the paint, so you may have to do several coats}

{the finished product!}

What do you think? I can’t wait to wear it around/bring it to my local coffee shop to work!

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