Fitness Review: Nike Training Club

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Anyone who has spent a good amount of time with me over the past 2 years knows how obsessed I have become with Nike’s free app: Nike Training Club. The first thing I will say is download it. Download it NOW, because it’s free and I want you to have it before they get wise and start charging for it.

Like I said, I have been using this app for 2 years upon the recommendation of a friend, and love how it has totally changed my workout regimen. I get bored at the gym often, and am always looking for new workouts, plans, and classes to take to get me motivated again. I have tried so many things, and can’t wait to share with you my favorites here on theStyleSafari, but NTC has been one of the things that has stuck with me over time. There are so many awesome features of this app, and I honestly become giddy with excitement when I talk about it. So imagine that enthusiasm when I walk you through it, in all it’s glory:

Nike Training Club home page1. Workouts- The main feature of the app is it’s sheer amount of 30 and 45 minute total body workouts that span beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You simply choose if you want to “Get Lean” (more cardio based), “Get Toned” (longer light-weight intervals), or “Get Strong” (increased strength exercises), and the app will bring forward an array of exercises sorted by difficulty. Each workout specifies if any equipment is needed, and most can be modified to be done without equipment which makes it the perfect workout tool for travelers and hotel-room workouts. The workouts involve HIIT tactics such as combining 30 seconds of burpees with a 1 minute plank and 1 minute of lunge walks, which works all your muscles, guarantees you will be sweating, and ensures that you are never bored. They also all finish with a 5 minute stretch to make sure you are really taking care of your body. My favorite workouts are “Slim Chance” under “Get Lean> Beginner”, “Slim Effect” under “Get Toned>Intermediate” and “Stinger” under “Get Toned>Intermediate”

2. Get focused- These are KILLER 15 minute workouts that target a specific body area, including abs, back, arms, butt and legs. There is also a 15 minute yoga and a 15 minute cardio blast. New “Get Focused” workouts are uploaded constantly and many are done with Nike women athletes, including Gaby Douglas, Maria Sharapova and Gracie Gold. My favorites are “Hollywood Ab Blast” and “Better Butt”. Oh, and if your man thinks these workouts are easy and only good for girls I suggest you challenge him with any of these and see if he makes it through :)

Nike Training club workouts3. 4 week Plans- One other amazing features of this app is the custom 4-week plans it creates for you based on your Lean, Toned, or Strength goals and your fitness level. It then asks if you want to add running to supplement your workouts, and creates a 4 week 4-or-5 day workout program for you. Although I have never successfully finished all 4 weeks of the program, it is my goal to complete one this summer before my wedding.

The Nike Training Club app also connects with music apps on your phone to allow you to play custom playlists, it has videos that explain proper form while you do each move, and the trainer motivates you while you are working through each interval. You can connect with your friends and collect badges and Nike Fuel, which is the same form of measurement the Nike fuel band fitness tracker uses. I could go on and on about how much I love this app, and I have incorporated it into my weekly fitness routine to make sure I get an AMAZING total body workout, FAST, for CHEAP.

Have you used the NTC app? What do you think? I would love to hear what your favorite workouts are and if you have an idea for another workout class/program/app that I should try. I’m always looking for new innovations and fitness and would love to hear about your favorites!


Miami Nights

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Colorblock Maxi Dress, Leather Jacket // theStyleSafariColorblock Maxi Dress // theStyleSafariRound Sunglasses // theStyleSafariColorblock Maxi and strappy heels // theStyleSafariColorblock Maxi Dress // theStyleSafariColorblock Maxi Dress and Leather Jacket // theStyleSafari


Halston Heritage Dress (similar here, also love this), Zara heels, Valentino bag, ASOS sunglasses, Muubaa leather jacket

A few weeks ago some girl friends and I flew down to Miami to watch our men run an insane 200 mile relay race from Miami to Key West. While they were sweating and sleeping in a van, the girls and I were lounging poolside at the Thompson Miami and having an all-around perfect girls weekend. We had happy hour apps and cocktails at the Soho House (we New Yorkers were SHOCKED at how good the prices were), and then followed the evening with a delicious dinner at Matador where we were treated like queens. 3 seemingly single girls dressed somewhat modestly in Miami is a total anomaly, and we ate up the free food and attention. My suggestion when traveling to Miami? Find yourself the biggest smock dress that you can find that hides your entire body so you can eat whatever you want, and most likely, some handsome tall drink of water will buy you dinner.

Photos by Liza Lee


What Kind of Bride are you?

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Or for better clarification, what kind of bride am I? A question consistently asked by silly bridal magazines, wedding coordinators, my wedding party, and my mom. “You have to figure out what look you’re going for!” (yes, thank you) is the constant rumble from the peanut gallery.

Wedding Dress Collage

(Left to right: Naeem Khan, Angel Sanchez, Watters, Dennis Basso, Mark Zunino. Check these out and more on my Pinterest board)

The problem is, while typically an opinionated, pragmatic realist, wedding planning has turned me into a non-discerning, idealistic dreamer. I want it all. I want an all-night beach party and a dress adorned with handmade beadwork. I want grilled cheeses and a 7 layer cake. I want a grand entrance down a marble stairway and a ceremony among the vineyards of Napa.

There is just no way to have it all. I have learned this, all too painfully, over my past 5 month engagement. The first box to check on any bride’s to do list is the venue. Myself being a native Californian presiding in New York City, I have a lot of options available to me. Somewhat selfishly, and also due to where Mr. R and I started dating, I knew I wanted to be a California bride. And he loves wine. And I love wine. And the family business is a Napa/Sonoma media company. Easy enough, right?


While vineyards are gorgeous, so is a ceremony on Crissy field in front of the GGB (Golden Gate Bridge for you newbies). Oh and we feel such peace by the ocean so can we find a location on the beaches of Marin and have Hog Island Oysters cater the appetizers? But oh wouldn’t it be convenient for everyone to stay in the city and we can show them our favorite SF restaurants and bars? This is the constant whirlwind that has filled my brain since Mr. R proposed. I thought engagement = bliss but apparently it equals a bottle of Sonoma Pinot and an advil.

So I guess you could say I created this little quiz to help you, oh let’s be honest, help me decide what kind of bride I am. Because choosing the venue is unfortunately not a decision in a silo- different style venues can have specific rules and restrictions, venues can give out ‘vibes’ that counter other ‘vibes’ you may want to give, and convenience sometimes matters more than you think. Unfortunately I think the best way to decide you venue is to think about some of the other important aspects of your big day. Hopefully this quiz helps both of us decide what kind of bride we are:

On your big day, you will be consuming:

A.Wine braised short rib paired with organic vegetables wine pairing

B. Fried Chicken and grits with locally brewed beers and Whiskey

C. Herb roasted prawns with a sweet corn and mango salsa, jalapeno margaritas

D. Filet Mignon with butter poached lobster, French 75’s and Macallan 18

E. Layered cucumber salad, miso cod and sake cocktails

Your Bridal Look:

A. Organza mermaid with hair in low chignon

B. Head to toe lace and hair in soft curls

C. Layers of gauzy tulle and a flower crown

D. Beaded ballgown with statement earrings, hair in high bun

E. Pink. Or Blue. Or Ombre. With killer heels and a pompidour hairstyle


A. Romantic- we are so in love!

B. Out-doorsy- we are such adventurers!

C. Photojournalistic- we are informal and unscripted!

D. Classic/Boudoir- This is my day and I want to look SMOKIN’

E. High Fashion- It’s all about the composition people!

Guest Attire:

A. Warm weather Chic

B. Casual Cool

C. Linen and Flats

D. Black Tie

E. Theme – All white or 1920’s

Table Décor:

A. Wine bottle candelabras, garlands of oregano and sage, market lighting

B. Single flower arrangements in mason jars, burlap runners, market lighting

C. Spiky plants and succulents, DIY votives

D. Towers of peonies and roses, Monogram logo napkins

E. Bowls of brightly colored fruit and water immersed florals

So what did you get?

Mostly A’s: Vineyard

Mostly B’s: Ranch

Mostly C’s: Beach

Mostly D’s: Grand Ballroom

Mostly E’s: Modern Museum

I think I answered my own quiz poorly with one of each letter. How did you do? I would love to hear about your dream venue or your wedding venue process. What was the process like for you?

All venue images from StylemePretty – click on images for reference