Blog Vacation

Hi all! I’m going to be taking a little blog vacation this week, in order to assess my blog and decide if I want to take it a different direction. There have been a lot of changes in my life recently, and I want to make sure that The Style Safari is always the best representation of myself, my style, and my life. I’m hoping that stepping away for a week will give me a fresh perspective- and any advice you can all give would be very appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support!

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  1. Lynzy says:

    I recently went through a “blog change” (featured in my post last week). I had been doing a lot of thinking about “personal style” blogging and what is actually behind it. I felt as if I was portraying this life where I could dress fancy every day and parade around- which is certainly not the case since I spend most of my hours inside the emergency department (where terrible and amazing things happen all in one place). I felt that my blog should reflect everything in my life- not just the materialistic possessions in my closet. Everyone is different and everyone can create their own voice on their blog- I love yours and hope that you continue to blog, but in the end – do whatever is right for you! If you need anything, gimme a holler ;)

    xx Lynzy

  2. Hitha says:

    I’ve been there – I took a 7 month blog vacation after my wedding to figure out what I wanted the blog to be. There were times where I wanted to shelve the whole thing then – and now as well, if I’m being honest. I do adore your blog and hope to continue reading it, and know whatever direction you take it in will be a great one. If you need to talk (preferably over leavened food), I’m here!


  3. Just Jon says:

    Yup! I totally get it. When I go through “mid-blog” crisis I feel like, ‘well if I could start it all over I would do it completely different.’ For me, I started the blog because I needed a creative outlet that was not being satisfied in other parts of my life. Then everything became about the blog and I thought boy this is not what I signed up for. It becomes a second job and not for “fun.”

    I hope you “blogcation” allows you to see clarity in what your next stage will be!
    (But selfishly I do love reading your “Do It Yourself” craftiness.

  4. Tant Anna says:

    Found your blog today and I’m loving it ;)
    I see that you’re on a blog vacation and hope that you will be back soon again.
    TAKE CARE, Anna

  5. Kate says:

    I just came across your blog, too, via Bloglovin. Hope you have an easy time thinking through all the things you need to think through and that you come back rejuvenated with focus!

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